Our Story


Almost 7 years ago I entered into the fitness world. When I started working out most of my "workout gear" consisted of pajama bottoms (from the night before) or some stretchy black leggings along with a ratty t-shirt and some sneakers I slipped onto my feet as I padded into my living room to press play on my at-home workout. Needless to say, my fitness ensemble was not one of my fitness motivators to get me up to work out. I'll never forget though, about a month into this fitness journey of mine, I read an article that stated an aesthetically pleasing fitness ensemble laid out the night before resulted in a higher level of motivation to do and complete your workout. Was there truth to that? I wasn't sure, but I wanted to try it out. I went out and bought a cute pink sports bra and a pair of fun leggings and laid them out on on my dresser so I could see them when I woke up. Would you believe that waking up to the cute fitness apparel actually DID get me up out of bed and excited to workout? It was after that day, that I was hooked. With fitness. With fitness apparel. With all of it. 

Over the past 7 years I've tried a little bit of everything when it comes to athletic and athleisure wear. The "really good" stuff is priced SO high. The "eh" stuff ends up falling apart after a couple of washes while simultaneously either not really "holding it all in" or "keeping it from showing through" (I think most of us have had a "see-thru legging" experience at least once in our lives.) I've worn sports bras that were cute, but weren't supportive. I've had leggings that held me in but also were so uncomfortable to actually put on and take off. Over the years, my firsthand experience with athleticwear really helped to give me an understanding of what is really wanted from workout gear. Something soft, but supportive. Something compressing, but not suffocating. Something aesthetically pleasing, but not over the top. Which is when the idea of Fit Couture Collection was born. 

The name "Fit Couture" was my first fitness brand name I'd ever used. I liked the idea of Couture sounding glam while introducing a stereotypically rugged word like "fit" attached to it. It made sense for this Collection, too. A collection of pieces that are both fashion-forward while remaining realistic they will be worn during an active workout! 

I've made a point to conduct literally hundreds of workouts in these pieces in order to ensure they not only were comfortable and supportive but they also were "work-out proof." After months of samples, edits, and then more samples, with more edits, what you're seeing today is the result of a well-thought out collection that I hope you love as much as I do!

Timeless pieces in classic colors that offer support and style.

xoxo Jenn